Tuesday, January 17, 2006

State Removal of Life Support

You can read the story here.

Basically, an 11 year old was beaten by her adopted mother (which is also her aunt) and stepfather with a baseball bat leaving her in a coma.
The state has ordered the removal of life support and her feeding tube. The stepfather is trying to block the state from doing so because he then be charged with murder. The girl has been on life support since September. The doctors say she is in a permanent vegatative state.

OK, first of all he is not her father, he never adopted her, and he obviously didn't give a shit about her otherwise, he wouldn't have beat her with a bat. So his attempts to block the removal should be denied. If you read the story, she has no family left, so, at that point it is left up to the state (after reviewing the doctors' prognosis).

What a decision to make! This is a bit like the Terry Schiavo case. It was easy for me to decide that one. I had seen the CAT scans. She had been pretty much brain dead for well over a decade.

Tough call! But I'm going to have to go with keeping this one alive a bit longer, maybe a year. The stepfather should be charged with no less then attempted murder and get 15 years. If the girl shows no sign of brain activity after say 6months to a year, then let her go. No sense keeping alive a mindless body!

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